The Family Finally Weighs In on Bruce Jenner's News

Bruce Jenner Kris Jenner is finally spilling the beans about Bruce Jenner. But, sadly, not the beans we'd like to see spilled. While she's said nothing at all about his rumored decision to begin transitioning from male to female (hence the flowing locks and the recent surgery on his Adam's apple), Kris couldn't STOP talking about Bruce's involvement in the future filming of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Although reports have surfaced indicating that Bruce has finally had enough and quit, Kris says that just ain't so. 


Kris Jenner says that the only reason Bruce was absent from 'set' (you know, their homes) was because he was away giving one of his famous inspirational speeches. It is here that I pause and interject with the following: Children of America. I cannot get over that a be-ponytailed Bruce Jenner is present on your college campus maybe even right now. I am both jealous and horrified. 

From the sounds of it, Bruce isn't going anywhere when it comes to the family's show. It's easy to wonder what credence this lends to all the rumors about his appearance. It sounds like Kris knows she's got a great story-line possible with Bruce, and she's got no intention of letting him go. Wouldn't it be kind of great if he did leave? Not because I don't heart him, but because I feel like he's earned some time off to fly his tiny planes and throw parties where the only other attendees are named Bruce. Good times.

Do you think Kris is telling the truth?


Image via Splash News

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