Kim Kardashian Is 'So Proud' of Kendall Jenner for Baring All on the Runway

Kendall JennerOh my holy kitty angels. Have you heard about Kendall Jenner's big runway walk during New York Fashion Week? The girl is proving all those naysayers wrong with her serious, high fashion chops. She strutted her way down the catwalk for Marc Jacobs at this year's main event, and her sisters couldn't be more proud. Sounds like a touching story, no? Until you realize that this aforementioned strutting involved Kendall wearing no bra and just the idea of a shirt. She was totally on display for the world to see! I blush!


That would make this her second nipple scandal (NIPGATE DEUX) since she turned 18. She is still 18. Baring all when you're a model is status quo, so no one should really be that shocked. I guess it's just a little bit like cold water in your face to see the goodies of a girl most of us, thanks to reality T.V., still think of as a child.

She was also wearing a crazy brunette wig and rocking some bleached brows. All told it was a nutty look -- she was virtually unrecognizable. Kim Kardashian described feeling like "the proudest sister ever" and Khloe Kardashian was super supportive being all "my baby sister crushed it today." If I walked down the runway, boobies flapping in the wind, my siblings would have many things to say -- and none of them supportive. Kendall's a very lucky model and sister!

Do you think Kendall's showing off too much too soon or can she handle it?


Image via Instagram

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