Kate Middleton & Prince William Beat Beyonce & Jay-Z in Cute New Poll

Wills & KateJust in time for Valentine's Day, this poll has christened Prince William and Kate Middleton the most romantic celebrity couple. Awwwww, we believe it. Have you seen these two photographed together? Beyond cute. It kind of makes me want to gag. But in a good way. Like eating too much cake. The royal twosome was up against some pretty stiff -- and pretty adorable in their own right -- romantic competition. But as usual, Wills and Kate triumphed, coming out on top. How sweet! 


The royals beat out loads of other celebrity couples, like Beyonce and Jay-Z! Dude, that's a pretty stellar accomplishment, as it is a fact commonly known that Beyonce and Jay-Z seldom come in second place for anything awarded ever. They also bested Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. But that hardly seems fair. Kim and 'Ye are relatively new additions to the list, really, baby or not. The thing that makes Kate and Will even sweeter as a couple is how they still seem so smitten with each other and they've been a unit since their days at University. Here's hoping they celebrate their win with a romantic dinner for two.

Who do you think the most romantic celebrity couple is?


Image via Instagram

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