Kate Middleton Impersonator Ranks as 'Best of the Worst' Out There

Heidi Agan Kate Middleton is so famous and fabulous that naturally people would try to impersonate her. Not very many folks do it professionally, however. Heidi Agan is one of the few, the proud, the professional Kate Middleton impersonators. She's making the rounds again after her inclusion on this list of "world's best bad celebrity impersonators." Oh, poor Heidi! But we're glad someone is stepping up and admitting that when it comes to looks, Heidi isn't exactly the Duchess's double.


It's crazy to think how committed Heidi is to looking like Kate for a living! Especially when it makes her the fodder for lists like these. While Heidi's not exactly Kate's twin, there are other folks on the list who don't even have a passing resemblance to the people they are meant to be impersonating. It's tough to rip into Heidi too much. After all, she quit her job to look like Kate for dollars! That shows an impressive amount of dedication and appreciation for everyone's favorite Duchess. 

Do you think Heidi looks a lot like Kate?


Image via Twitter

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