Kim Kardashian's Baby Clothing Line Has One Amazing Thing Going for It

kim kardashianIt's official. You can exhale. Kim Kardashian is doing a baby clothing line. We heard rumblings of a mini Kardashian line a few months ago, but now it's a done deal. It's launching next month, in fact, so get your credit cards ready!


I'll admit, when I first heard about a Kardashian baby clothing line, I sort of rolled my eyes. Something about dressing a precious, innocent child in clothes designed by a woman made famous for a sex tape just seemed wrong. But the more I thought about it -- and the more Kim revealed -- it actually sounds like a pretty good idea.

For one, Kim does have great style. Her clothing may not be everyone's cup of tea, but I can't imagine the baby clothes will mirror hers, per se, as no infant looks good in a cleavage-baring t-shirt and peplum leather skirt. I'm imagining lots of neutral tones -- beiges, creams, whites, grays. And Kim also claims that, like her Kardashian Kollection line, the clothes will be affordable, which is a huge plus. Babies pretty much grow out of their clothing in about a week.

So, I guess I'm a convert before the line is even out. And just a heads up, Kim, I'd be even more apt to buy a few onesies if North's cute face is on the price tag. Adorbs!

Would you buy Kardashian klothes for your babies?


Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram

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