14 Women Derek Jeter Dated Before He Realized He's Ready to Settle Down (PHOTOS)

Jill Baughman | Feb 13, 2014 Celebrities
14 Women Derek Jeter Dated Before He Realized He's Ready to Settle Down (PHOTOS)

derek jeterSo it seems after the 2014 baseball season, Yankees star Derek Jeter is retiring. Not entirely surprising, and it seems he's going out the way that he wants to. And he actually has a Facebook page and wrote:

"Really, it was months ago when I realized that this season would likely be my last. As I came to this conclusion and shared it with my friends and family, they all told me to hold off saying anything until I was absolutely 100% sure. And the thing is, I could not be more sure."

Pretty crazy, right? He could have created an entire media circus surrounding the announcement of his retirement, yet he opted to do so on Facebook. Gotta give kudos to the guy for that. He's retiring after an illustrious career on his terms.

Another thing we have to give him kudos for? The CRAZY AMOUNT OF WOMEN he has been rumored/confirmed to hook up with/date/swoon/whatever. There are SO MANY. And they are all gorgeous. So, in honor of his retirement, instead of boring you with stats and numbers and actual baseball stuff, let's take a look at some of the women that Jeter has once, for most likely a fleeting amount of time, called his own.

And you can't help but think: After playing the field for all these years, with all these women, is Jeter finally ready to settle down with the right one and start a family in light of this news? If he turns a new domesticated leaf, more power to him. Can't wait to see where he ends up and what his life is like in the next couple years.

Are you surprised by Jeter's retirement announcement? Did you have a favorite Jeter girl?


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