Kate Middleton's Stunning Style Inspires Some Unlikely Celebs

Kate MiddletonKate Middleton's natural poise and killer (but classic) sense of style and fashion are obviously beyond inspirational. But she doesn't just impress us common folk with her chic ways, she's also inspiring other stylish celebs from all over the globe -- and not always the ones you'd expect to swoon over princess-worthy looks. Take for example her new ardent admirers eager to dish over just how much they love Kate and everything she wears on a daily basis. 


Why it's none other than the Kardashians! I know, right?! Khloe, Kourtney, and (naturally) Queen Bee Kim Kardashian all worship at the altar of Middleton. This news is surprising in a way. Not because we find Kate's looks to be lackluster -- anything but. It's surprising because the Kardashians' idea of fashion tends to on the edgier, showier side than what Kate chooses to wear when she goes out and about.

It just goes to show you that if you do it right, fashion can be universally beloved. Who knows, maybe Kate's new royally mandated conservative attire will inspire the Kardashians to update their club-tastic apparel. Stranger things have happened. Once a man kept an actual tiger in his apartment. 

Do you think their passion for Kate will change how the Kardashians dress?


Image via Instagram

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