Kristen Stewart Would Be a Fool to Get Back With Rupert Sanders

kristen stewartWow. WOW. A new report is claiming that Rupert Sanders is still in love with Kristen Stewart and wants to make it work with her. WOW. According to a source, even though it's been two years and a few failed relationships since their tryst, Rupert is "hoping for a future" with Kristen, even though she seems to be all about Robert Pattinson. Is this guy serious?

If this is true, I don't think, in a million years, Kristen would consider getting back together with him. Not only would it really reflect poorly on her image, she would kill any and all chances of ever winning Rob back.

Sanders, it isn't you, it's her. Now it's time to move on, buddy. Run along.

Do you think Kristen should consider having a relationship with Rupert Sanders?


Image via Splash News

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