Robin Wright Opens Up About Her ‘Devastating’ Divorce From Sean Penn

Robin Wright is at the top of her game at the moment. The veteran actress just won a Golden Globe in January for her spectacular performance on House of Cards (if you haven’t watched the first season yet, do yourself a favor and Netflix it. Season 2 is out on Friday, by the way). The 47-year-old is also engaged to hot younger actor Ben Foster, 33, and she couldn’t be happier.

In a recent interview with the U.K.’s Telegraph, Wright opened up about her tumultuous relationship with ex-husband Sean Penn, and why she’s changed her mind about getting married again.


Although Wright has said in the past that she’d never get married again after enduring two divorces (she was married to actor Dane Witherspoon for two years before she and Penn got together), but she seems to have changed her mind to the point of tattooing Ben’s initial on the third finger of her left hand. Though she claims to have always been “so anti-tattoos,” she said, "This felt right because we're not that traditional!"

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In addition to talking about her new romance, Wright also talked about the difficulty of dissolving a long-term marriage with children involved.  They were together for 20 years and married for 14, before eventually divorcing in 2010.

"Divorce in and of itself, and with children, is devastating. Worst than that," she said of her split from Penn, with whom she has two kids, Dylan, 22, and Hopper, 20. "One of the reasons why we got back together and broke up so much was trying to keep the family together … if you've got kids, it's a family, and you try again, and you try again. We did that for a long time."

I totally get that. But sometimes things just don’t work out that way you hoped they would. But Wright seems to have picked herself up just fine, and is enjoying life now wither her fiancé. She also revealed that Foster gave her something she’d never had before -- a first date.

"I'd never, ever been asked out on a date before," she said. "Never. I was frickin' married my whole life, and even before that I hadn't been asked out." She added, "We've been together ever since the first date."

Way to go, Robin Wright. Life is for living, and you certainly seem to be living an awesome one these days.

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