Prince William Leaves Kate Middleton at Home to Hang Out With His Ex

kate middletonOff with his head! JK, guys. Relax. But seriously, Prince William did hang out with his ex-girlfriend, Jessica "Jecca" Craig, whilst the Duchess stayed in London and tended to their young. The Duke was photographed yucking it up with his former flame on a wild boar hunting trip in Spain recently. But before you get your knickers in a twist, know that it wasn't just William and Jecca hanging out. There was a whole group of people, including crazy Uncle Harry!

The Prince and his friends were photographed landing at the Seville airport before hopping on a helicopter and heading to the countryside property of the Duke of Westminster to "shoot wild boar and stag." Clearly, Kate knew where her husband was, and there's nothing for her to worry about. Jecca, along with a few of Kate's exes, even attended the royal wedding in 2011 with her boyfriend, Captain Philip Kaye.


While some may solely focus on the general weirdness of William going on a weekend excursion with his ex, I'm choosing to focus on how it shows how super cool both he and Kate are. Wills is the kinda guy who's so nice and mature that he's capable of remaining friends with his exes. And Kate's the kinda lady who's totally cool with her husband hanging out with his exes. Match made in heaven, yo.

Do you hang out with your ex?


Image via Splash

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