Kate Middleton Isn't Even Pregnant But the Next Baby's Name Is All Picked Out

Kate MiddletonIt's no wonder Kate Middleton is so protective of her privacy! She just stepped out for an official reception at the National Portrait Gallery and already tongues are wagging with speculation that the whippet-thin Duchess is pregnant with baby number two! Clearly those suspicious are not using their eyes. Look at that belly! There is no baby there. But even the idea of a royal baby has gotten folks clamoring about what the name of a second baby might be.


One tabloid reports that Kate and William would like to name this imaginary baby (whom Kate is not pregnant with) Diana, after William's mother, the late Princess of Wales. Of course, the idea, while sweet, is loaded with drama. In order to name the baby after Di, there would have to be some serious convos with the Queen, who I honestly can't see as being that psyched at the prospect of naming a royal after Diana. I don't think there's much to this rumor -- just another example of how Kate can't seem to escape any and all scrutiny! Le sigh.

Do you think there's any truth to this rumor?


Image via Instagram

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