Kristen Stewart Opens Up About the Other Man in Her Life

Kristen Stewart Kristen Stewart is notoriously close-lipped when it comes to discussing her private life. Especially when that private life involves the dudes with which she may or may not be bumping uglies. That's why when Kristen opened up in a recent interview about one of her longest relationships with an important man in her life, we were totally surprised. Between this and the poem she's been reading, folks, we're starting to see a softer side of Kristen.


The man in question is Kristen's friend of 10 years, Nicolas Ghesquiere. Nicolas is a prominent fashion designer -- he's actually the reason Kristen initially paired up with Balenciaga, though he's since left that fashion house.

They met when she just a wee young starlet and immediately formed a connection. Kristen also formed an alliance with him, realizing that Nicolas cared as much about fashion as she did about the craft of acting. She made it a point to wear his designs on the red carpet from there on out. Though they don't always work together anymore, their friendship remains really important to Kristen. Yay friends!

Do you think it's tough for Kristen to still work at Balenciaga with her friend no longer there?


Image via Instagram

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