Justin Bieber Slapped by Blake Griffin: Fake Story, But Real Funny Reactions

Justin BieberThere is a really, REALLY great rumor floating around involving Justin Bieber -- excuse me, BIZZLE -- and Los Angeles Clippers star Blake Griffin. Apparently Bieber went swaggering into a West Hollywood Starbucks sporting his usual shirtless/pants-drooping style, and the barista told him he'd have to put a shirt on before anyone would serve him his manly drink of choice: a caramel apple macchiato. Bieber then started cussing and threatening the barista, which is when Griffin, who was sitting nearby, "smacked the shit out of him," sending Mr. Bizzle back out the door in tears.

Chris Kaman, Griffin’s former teammate on the Clippers, fueled the fire with a joking tweet that Griffin hadn't smacked Bieber all THAT hard -- but sadly, the entire thing has been confirmed as a hoax.

The good news, however, is that some of the responses to rumored the smackdown are even funnier than the visual of Bieber crying about getting a King Joffrey-slap.


Here's a roundup of some of my favorite tweets about the Griffin/Bieber fight:

AhhhahahahahahaHAAAAAA, that last one. Well, I'm sorry to debunk the rumor, but we all should have known there's no possible way it could be true that a professional basketball player would be able to take down Justin Bieber. I mean, have you seen this video? Bizzle's mad skills as a player are matched only by his ability to deliver stone-cold stares.

Oh my god, now I want to slap him. SO, SO HARD.

Don't you wish the Blake Griffin story was true? Also, how much do you want to bet Bieber really does order caramel apple macchiatos?

Image via YouTube

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