What Is Kim Kardashian Hiding Beneath That Caked-On Makeup?

Kim KardashianWhen it comes to makeup, Kim Kardashian is an expert. She's so good at applying cosmetics that it's no longer surprising when people whisper about whether or not she's had work done. She can change the shape of her own face with the sweep of a brush! That's why these new pictures of Kim out and about are so unsettling. Kim's positively slathered her face in makeup. It's pretty out of control. I feel like handing her a wet-wipe. Or seven.


Kim was on her way to visit Khloe Kardashian. She's just paying a familial call! It's not like she's going to an event or giving an interview or anything -- so why is she wearing that much war-paint? When I'm hanging out with just my sister, she considers herself lucky if I wear pants/am not covered in a variety of pizza sauces.

Even if Kim just felt like gettin' fancy (and who doesn't from time to time), there's no getting over the fact that she waaaay overdid it here. For someone so image conscious, you'd think she would have noticed just how rough the finished look seemed before she left the house. Yeesh.

Do you think Kim gave her makeup artist the day off?


Image via Splash News

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