Bruce Jenner's Hair Officially Has a Life of Its Own

IBruce Jennerf Bruce Jenner is trying to keep his apparent transformation under wraps, he's doing a really poor job of it. Just a day after he was photographed with his new dip-dyed 'do and surgically snipped Adam's apple, Bruce was photographed again. His hair, if possible, seems even BIGGER and longer than it was earlier in the week. He might be staying mum about the reasons behind the changes to his appearance, but his hair cannot be silenced.


Other people might speculate about the reasons Bruce had for this follicle-fashion choice. I'm more curious as to how he managed it. I mean, is it extensions? It doesn't look like a wig. Is there some sort of magical mousse he's obtained that can be purchased only with diamonds or Kardashian tears? Can I have some? It's clearly a look he's going after, and I don't fault him. I've long admired folks with rich, full locks. This is probably why I was so into early era Brett Michaels. Sigh. Oh Poison.

How do you think Bruce is achieving such hair heights?


Image via Splash News

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