Khloe Kardashian Smokes Something 'Suspicious' on the Dance Floor

Khloe KardashianJust yesterday it seemed like Khloe Kardashian was on the rebound for sure, but doing well in a big way. Khloe partying hard and twerking up a storm on the dance floor! But now reports are surfacing that Khloe could be turning to less savory outlets to hide from her pain after splitting from Lamar Odom. Khloe was spotted on the floor of Tru dance club smoking a totally suspicious-looking object. Sources whisper that it was a blunt, but others -- namely Khloe herself -- are shooting down any allegations that she used drugs.


While folks pondered the likelihood of Khloe drowning her sorrows in some herbal refreshment, Khloe was quick to respond to the charges -- and the super shady photographs -- with a verbal beat-down. She says she wasn't smoking pot or anything like it. She claims it was a "Hookah Pen." This was not a thing I thought to be real. If I were ever caught publicly smoking one, I might just say it was pot to maintain an ounce of street cred. That said, I tend to believe her. Khloe's too smart to do something that foolhardy. 

Do you think Khloe's telling the truth or turning to drugs?


Image via Instagram

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