Taylor Lautner's New Role Reveals a Surprising Side

taylor lautnerTaylor Lautner just turned 22, slather him icing and glad tidings! It looks like he's due for some exciting changes as he enters this new year of life. Most exciting among the big things happening for Tay so far? His new role in the BBC 3 smash comedy, Cuckoo. The show used to star Andy Samberg as the American burnout husband to a British wife returning to England from her gap year abroad. But Samberg had to drop out because of work commitments -- those Emmys won't win themselves. 


We don't know a lot about Taylor's role, but we do know he's stepping in to play a mysterious stranger. So that's good and sexy news, methinks. We know that Taylor's got major acting chops, but we're curious to see how he fits in a comedy. Can you imagine turning on Brooklyn 99 to learn that Taylor was subbing for Samberg? It would be weird and maybe ... the worst? But in England T.V. is a very different beast. I'm sure they've created a place for Lautner to shine and keep us laughing. Hopefully with his shirt off.

Do you think Taylor Lautner will become a Brit-TV sensation?


Image via Instagram

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