You'll Never Guess Which 'Twilight' Star Sarah Silverman Is Dating

Sarah SilvermanIt doesn't look like comedian Sarah Silverman will be able to keep the lid on her surprising new romance any longer. Though she's done a good job keeping the newest development in her love-life on the D.L., this couple's insistence on PDA won't let the secret stay that way any longer. Silverman is dating an actor and star of Twilight! And the dude in question? Well he couldn't be any more different than Silverman's ex Jimmy Kimmel if he tried.


So who is it? Sarah Silverman is dating Michael Sheen! Ah! I know! The hunky Brit (for those of us who can escape the image of his long creepy hair and red eyes for his appearances in the Twilight Saga) previously dated Rachel McAdams before cuddling up to Silverman.

There have been whispers about this odd pairing for a while now. But Silverman's recent appearance getting cozy with Sheen at a club on the heels of attending his birthday party seems to clinch it: They are totally an item. It might seem like they make a weird couple on the surface, but hey, if they're both happy, who are we to judge!

Do you think Sarah and Michael are a cute couple?


Image via Instagram

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