This Famous Photog REFUSES to Take Pics of Kim Kardashian!

Kim Kardashian Kim Kardashian may have once been viewed by her detractors as just a reality star wannabe, but time and tide have proven that she's so much more than a girl on a T.V. show. She's not afraid to push boundaries fashion-wise and has been photographed by some of the biggest photographers in the game. So you can imagine how shocked she was (and WE were) to discover that there are still photographers refusing to work with Kim. Tyler Shields, the celebrity-dating provocateur pic-taker, is among them. He's made no secret about his refusal to shoot Kim. His reason?


He just doesn't like her. Kim shouldn't take this too personally, though obviously rejection of any sort stings a little. Tyler's known for being a total diva (divo, IL DIVO, perhaps?) who's almost impossible to work with -- that is, when you can convince him to work with you at all. He has to know the people involved in the shoot or come up with this concept himself. Oh artists. With your "concepts" and your "fierce determination to create something authentic that matters."

It might look like Tyler's dissing and dismissing Kim out of snobbery, but let's be real. He clearly has no prejudice against reality stars. I mean, after all, he dated Clint Eastwood's daughter Francesca Eastwood whose main claim to fame at this point is starring in her stepmother's short-lived reality show. (I actually really loved Mrs. Eastwood and Company! But that's because I love almost anything that I can watch On Demand for hours and prominently features an attractive South African boy band. True story.)

Do you think Tyler's being a snob or just being artistic?


Image via Instagram

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