Kylie Jenner Is Barely Speaking to Bruce Jenner Because of Sex Change Rumors

It's normal to be totally mortified by your parents during your teenage years. It comes with growing up. But Kylie and Kendall Jenner might have more of a reason to squirm around Bruce Jenner than usual these days. Rumors about Bruce potentially transitioning surgically from male to female ramped up after a recent appearance showcasing his Adam's apple surgery and his full, ombre-dyed locks. Bruce isn't addressing the rumors -- not even talking about them with his young daughters. Hence their total discomfort.


At 16, Kylie is taking all the changes the hardest. Reportedly, she's not only baffled by the changes her dad is making, but upset because a lot of her peers have been teasing her about Bruce. Which makes sense, because teenagers are the worst. On the train last week, a bunch of them tried to convince me I'd 'dropped my pocket.' I nearly cried. I am 30 years old.

Obviously Kylie would want to defend her dad! But how can she do that when he won't even open up about what all these changes to his looks mean? It's definitely putting a strain on the relationship between the once super-tight daddy and daughter. Apparently Kylie's going out of her way to give Bruce a wide berth. That's got to make filming for the show awkward to say the least.

Do you think the girls know more about what's going on with Bruce than they're letting on?


Image via Instagram

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