Philip Seymour Hoffman's Diaries Reveal His Heartbreaking Struggle With ‘Demons’

Philip Seymour HoffmanFans are still mourning the tragic death of one of the country's greatest actors, Philip Seymour Hoffman. His death from what appears to be a drug overdose shocked so many because it seemed to belie his outward appearance as a dedicated professional and family man. Though his close friends and family knew he had trouble with addiction, the public largely did not, despite his trip to rehab last year. This wasn't a man who was falling out of nightclubs in front of the paparazzi at 4 a.m. But behind the scenes, all was not well. Hoffman was struggling mightily. It's doubtful close friends and family even knew how much. But Hoffman was telling his diaries all about it.


Police who examined Hoffman's home after his death found two small diaries. Now why, oh why, the contents of these diaries are being leaked to the press is beyond me and perhaps there should be an investigation about it ... but the fact is they were, so now I'm going to write about it.

Apparently his diaries were hand-written scrawls, and his writing would go from legible to completely illegible over the course of a page -- a pretty good sign he was using while writing. And reportedly not all of his jottings were clear-headed. One source told NBC News:

It's stream of consciousness and difficult to follow. In one line he refers to 'Frank who always owes money' and on the same page he writes about a 15-year-old girl from Texas.

Parts of the diaries were apparently written while he was in rehab for heroin addiction last year and contained "soul searching." But still, there were "ramblings that didn't make sense."

He also reportedly wrote that he had "demons."

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Well, I guess that isn't an extremely invasive peek into his psyche -- it's kind of vague, actually. But still, why would anyone leak this?

It's horrible to think how jumbled his mind must have been in his last months -- and that his girlfriend and children must have witnessed at least some of it. Hoffman obviously knew what trouble he was in -- and yet seemed helpless to stop it.

Have you ever been unaware of a friend's drug addiction? Do you think these diaries should have been leaked?

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