Rihanna's Finally With a Guy Who 'Treats Her Like a Queen'

drake rihanna performing togetherAfter having been seen on multiple occasions galavanting around town together, Drake and Rihanna are basically being hailed the next Jay-Z and Beyonce. Okay, not quite yetBut an insider tells HollywoodLife.com, "She’s already in a relationship with him -- it’s a friendship, and it’s a real close one." Aww.

What's more, it sounds like it's only a matter of time before they take their (supposedly) platonic bond to the next level. Especially because he treats Rihanna like royalty.


The source elaborates, "He’s a gentleman and you know Rihanna isn’t quite used to all that. She’s used to bad boys, the ones who are hood and swagged out and real ghetto like her ex. But even though she’s used to all that ratchetness, it’s a real treat when she’s with Drake because everything flows well.”

Apparently, part of the reason they're so in sync is that “Drake’s not all up in the club trying to be the star and get all the attention. He’s real chill and laid back and that in itself turns her on,” according to the source. Hot. And because they click so well, "it’s going to be hard for her to date someone in the future other than Drake because she says, 'Since he’s been treating me like a queen, I can’t go back to bullsh**.'"

But as for whether or not they're actually an item at this moment ... we reached out to their reps for a response, but they have not responded. Still, I hope this is true and that it's just the beginning of a beautiful romance for these two. After everything she's been through, RiRi deserves a genuinely wonderful guy, and Drake seems like he's the real deal.

What do you think about Rihanna and Drake as a couple?


Image via Jeff Gross/Getty

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