Kim Kardashian's Skin Tight Workout Clothes Don't Hide Much (PHOTO)

kim kardashianRegardless of what you think of Kim Kardashian, the woman never looks bad! I swear, in all my years of Internet stalking Kim, I'm yet to come across a photo where she doesn't look super sexy. And this pic of Kim post-workout in super tight exercise gear is no exception. I mean, who looks like that after the gym?! (Side note: Way to obstruct North's head, Kim.)

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Kim, whatever new mama elixir you're drinking, can we have some? I don't know how you manage to look the way you do while being a new mom. I mean, I'm sure the no real job and 500 employees help, but still. You look really, really pretty!

What do you think Kim's secret is to always looking good?


Image via Splash News

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