Another British Celeb Slams Kate Middleton for No Reason

Kate MiddletonAs if having to celebrate the woman who called her a "plastic princess" (Hilary Mantel) wasn't bad enough, now another prominent British academic has some not-so-nice things to say about Kate Middleton. What is it with these people? Have they not seen the Duchess? She is without parallel! In an interview with The Times, academic Mary Beard not only AGREED with Mantel's assessment of Kate, she took it a step further. Not nice!


Beard had this to say when she was asked to elaborate on Mantel's comments. She described Kate as being "doll-like" -- but not in a good way! Utterly outrageous.

I think Hilary Mantel was probably right. She’s been constructed as this admirable, maternal, doll-like precious vessel. Who’s done it? In part she has constructed herself, in part she has taken on a job, which has its up sides and down sides. She is constantly reproduced so there are lots of things in complicity. You could say that’s the deal. We have no clue whether she has made the right or wrong decision.

This hypercritical, academic assessment of Kate is terrible. Not only is it making a mountain out of a molehill (no disrespect, moles, you know I heart you), but it's removing the fact that Kate is a human being from the equation! Academics should focus on schoolwork, not the lives of the Royal Family.

Why do you think people keep trying to harass Kate?


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