Kendall Jenner's Topless Pic Is One Kim Ought to Copy (PHOTO)

kendall jennerLike all the Kardashian-Jenners, Kendall Jenner is a gorgeous, gorgeous girl. But I think most of us have a tendency to think of her as just that: A girl. Kendall doesn't like that. At least, that's how it seems. Kendall posted topless photos of herself to Instagram recently, and while they're unbelievably beautiful, they're a giant reminder that, hello! Kendall is no longer a scrawny little tween!

The photo is from a shoot she did for W Magazine, and while it still feels a little weird to see pics of Kendall half-nude, I will say this: If you're going to go topless or risque, this is the way to go. Kendall's pic is tasteful, classy, and still leaves a little something to the imagination. I know a few of Kendall's relatives who might want to take note. Hot!

What do you think of Kendall's topless pic?


Image via Kendall Jenner/Instagram

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