Bruce Jenner Shows Off Neck & New 'Do After Adam's Apple Surgery (PHOTO)

bruce jennerIf you've ever wondered what Bruce Jenner would look like without an Adam's apple and with ombre hair, you're in luck. Jenner showed off his post-surgery neck recently, and there's nary a lump in his throat in sight. The former Olympian wore a light blue rugby shirt, unbuttoned at the top to show off his new look, and if you're into the no Adam's apple thing, Bruce is looking good!

Since the surgery, and now that Bruce is sporting a new Kardashian-esque bouffant, rumors are heating up about the possibility of him undergoing a sex change. Whether he is or isn't doesn't really matter to me. All I wanna know is: Who is his hairstylist and what is his number? That is one hell of an ombre.

Do you think Bruce is going through with a sex change?


Image via Splash News

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