Prince George's Plane Behavior Made Everyone Stare

prince georgeAs any Kate Middleton fan knows, the Duchess, Prince George, and her family recently took a relaxing vacation to the island of Mustique, marking the tiny prince's first overseas vacation. From the looks and sounds of things, the trip was grand. When Kate was photographed by the pesty paparazzi, holding her baby boy, she didn't scowl. She smiled. By all accounts, the Duchess seemed to be completely at ease and in merry spirits -- and it's probably because, according to sources, Prince George was "as good as gold on the plane." What a dream for both Kate and everyone around her!

So, let's review quickly. She's a beautiful woman who's the future Queen of England, who also happens to be married to a seemingly really cool guy, and she has an adorable baby who behaves well on plane rides to exotic places? That Kate Middleton, I tell ya. The lady's got it made.

When do you think Kate will get pregnant again?


Image via Carmen Rodriguez/Flickr

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