Liam Hemsworth & Nina Dobrev Might Be Hooking Up & OMG This Is Fantastic!​

Liam Hemsworth Nina Dobrev

Ooo! We never really saw this one coming, but now that Liam Hemsworth and Nina Dobrev were spotted at a bar in Atlanta together looking "couple-y" -- it looks like there's a decent chance they might be hooking up.

A photo of the two of them (ok, so it's the back of Nina's head, but Liam is recognizable) popped up on Twitter. Supposedly they were "drinking beer by the bar" all night and even shared "three sensual kisses" outside the joint upon leaving.

And as far as Hollywood romances go, kissing on the lips (more than once) typically means there's more going on than meets the eye.


Here's the pic. Pretty hot, right? (Not really, but whatever.)

Liam Hemsworth Nina Dobrev

But seriously, doesn't it totally make sense for these two to get together and fall in love right about now? They're both filming in Atlanta, and they're both young, hot, and single -- so why the hell shouldn't they start dating?

And I gotta say, as far as Liam is concerned, Nina is a major upgrade from Miley Cyrus. She really seems to have her act together in addition to being drop dead gorgeous, so it's no big shocker that he's attracted to her. Oh, and she seems normal too, which is a total plus, given how things went with his failed engagement.

And as far as going from Ian Somerhalder to Liam Hemsworth, that's pretty much a lateral move for Nina. Ok, so Ian is a bit more mysterious and sophisticated, but Liam has the whole boyish charm thing going on, which is pretty irresistible.

Maybe this is nothing more than a fling, but Liam and Nina really do have all the makings of being the next big "it" couple as far as celeb types go. And we totally need a new duo to obsess over -- so fingers crossed that whatever is going on between them winds up becoming a legitimate "thing."

Do you think Liam and Nina make a cute couple?


Images via Michael Buckner/Getty; Twitter

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