​Lea Michele Shares Memories of Cory Monteith in Haunting New Song (VIDEO)

Lea Michele LouderThe moment Glee fans have been waiting for has arrived. No, not the winter premiere (February 25, folks ... be patient). The day Lea Michele finally shares her song for Cory Monteith with the world. It's here. "You're Mine" is here, and it's everything we expected.

Beautiful. Haunting. And a mixture of sad and happy all at once.


The song is the second to be released from Lea's solo album, Louder, which will drop on March 4. "Cannonball" has been playing on the radio since December, to positive reviews. 

"You're Mine," however, is the one song that Lea has said she added at the last minute ... fearing she'd "regret it" if she didn't share this song for Cory on the album. It's a song the Glee star says makes her happy and makes her think about her late boyfriend each time she sings or hears it.

As she tweeted in a message about the song's release to her fans this week:

Crying yet? Take a listen:

Whoa. "We're entwined. You're mine, for life."

Could there be a more perfect song to sum up the Glee stars' relationship? There's been much talk about Lea moving on with life after Cory, but this song makes it pretty clear that she will never truly "move on" from him, and that's OK. Whatever she does, wherever she goes, he will always be a "part" of her.

What do you think of the new song? Is it as good as "Cannonball"?


Image via Lea Michele/Twitter

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