​15 Romantic Quotes Straight From the Movies

Andrew Lincoln Love Actually
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Ah, Valentine's Day ... the one time of the year it's almost required to get good and sappy. The holiday may have a bad rap, but I'll admit I love all the mush and gush that comes out on February 14. There's nothing sweeter than folks whispering sweet nothings into their lovers' ears, is there? Well, maybe folks trying to find just the right love quote to express what's hidden in their hearts?


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In honor of the sweetest holiday there is, how about some romantic quotes straight out of the lovey-doviest of movies to really get us all in the spirit? We found some lovely movie musings that express all of our deepest feelings about l'amourrrr. From The Hunger Games (really!) to Practical Magic, The Princess Bride, and a classic -- The Notebook -- characters in movies always know the perfect thing to say. Let's take a look at what our favorite characters have said when falling in deep, mushy-gushy love with each other. These quotes are perfect for a Valentine's Day card or two!

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Read on to see which famous movie quotes set our hearts a flutter -- and let us know which movies are totally romantic! 

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