Channing Tatum's First 'Magic Mike 2' Sneak Peek Is a Bust (PHOTO)

channing tatum working on magic mike 2Magic Mike will forever be one of those movies that shocked audiences ... Not with how much shirtless man meat it put on display, but how it was actually a really freakin' well-written, well-acted, amazingly directed film! About male strippers! Really! Well, it was directed by Steven Soderbergh, after all. And in addition to being critically acclaimed, it was a box office success, so of course a sequel is in the works! 

Yesterday, Channing Tatum tweeted this here pic of himself staring at a sculpture of none other than the bust of Matthew McConaughey, writing, "What better way to start writing #MagicMike2 than with my old friend Dallas?" Most definitely a sign of good things to come!


After all, the first script was loosely based on Channing's own experiences as an 18-year-old stripper in Tampa. So if anyone knows Mike's world intimately, it's Channing! Fingers crossed though that he is planning to collaborate with Reid Carolin, who wrote the original script, Soderbergh, and McConaughey (who hopefully isn't too busy winning awards for The Dallas Buyers Club that he can't reprise his roles as club owner Dallas). There's definitely something about all those brilliant minds coming together that helped make the first flick a success!

And let's also hope that they come up with a progression in the storyline that makes sense and that this follow-up isn't going to fall into some typical sequel traps. (Like it ends up being a recycled version of the first installment or it's shoddily thrown together or it's majorly campy.) Sequels are pretty much always set up to fail, because it's almost safer to assume they'll be sloppily made and bomb. And in the case of Magic Mike 2, it already sounds like a cringe-worthy soft porn flick ... So before Channing has even put pen to paper, this movie has a few hurdles to contend with.

Then again, when it boils down to it, as long as we get Channing out of his "fappy" phase and back into taking off his shirt, come on now ... are we really going to complain? Naaaah!

What do you think should happen in Magic Mike 2?

Image via Channing Tatum/Twitter

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