Kanye West Slams Cheating Rumors But It Sounds Suspicious

Kim Kardashian Oh my god. So as we know, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West changed their wedding date in a thoroughly un-them-like move. At first they planned a summer wedding, but, 'desperate' to wed, they pushed UP their nuptials to this May. Okay, cool -- in theory, very romantic, too. But a rumor circulating about Kanye bumping uglies behind Kim's back with some floozy might give another reason for the ceremony being pushed up. Kim needs to lock Kanye down! Put a ring on it, girl! 


When questioned, Kanye's team says that the rumors, which have Kanye sneaking off from a party in Miami with Kim clone Gabriella Amore, are totally FALSE. In fact, apparently Kanye was nowhere near Florida at the time. But Kanye's been a bit of a dirty bird in the past, so it's only natural that a rumor like this one would set Kim on high alert. After all Gabriella is the same chick 'Ye is rumored to have shot a sex tape with -- another story his team decries as baseless. It sounds suspicious. Gabriella being named once, I'd take as a fluke, but twice? Plus, Kanye cheated with Kim on Amber Rose back in the day. I don't know Team West, methinks you might be protesting a bit too much. 

Do you think the cheating rumors are true?


Image via Instagram

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