Kristen Stewart's Plan to Win Back Robert Pattinson Is So Immature

kristen stewartOdds are, if you had a dude as smokin' as Robert Pattinson, and you messed everything up by cheating on him, you'd feel like complete crap. Such is the case with Kristen Stewart. According to reports, Kristen is still so distraught over losing Rob that she's going to great lengths to win him back. And by "great lengths," I mean "basic eighth grade reverse psychology." Sources say Kristen is now resorting to good ol' fashioned playing hard to get.

An insider close to the actress claims that Kristen "has been telling all of their mutual friends that she is over Robert Pattinson" when in fact the opposite is true. KStew reportedly has a plan to play to make it seem like she's totally moved on from Rob in hopes that he will "step up to the plate."


Come on, KStew. You're better than this. Playing hard to get? Just move on already, sister! Not only is this super immature, think about it: If Rob only wants you when you supposedly don't want him, does he really want you at all?

Do you think Kristen should move on from Rob already?


Image via BabyWelcome/Flickr

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