Khloe Kardashian Shoots Down Rumors of a Beef With Kim With Sweet Pic

Kim Kardashian It's no secret that Khloe Kardashian has been going through a major transformation ever since she split from Lamar Odom officially. She's shed pounds, updated her makeup, and played around with the color of her tresses. It's started rumors of a rivalry with Kim Kardashian, the family's queen fashion and beauty bee. But there's plenty of room for hotties in the family, something Khloe made clear with a quick post to Instagram. 


In the cute side-by-side shots of the sisters, Kim and Khloe almost look like twinsies -- and neither one seems worried about it. In fact, the moment captured of Khloe clutching Kim's arm and laughing is really heart-felt and touching! Not as much as the caption Khloe added though: "Koko <3 Kiki forever and ever!!" Super sweet. She then goes on to praise her stylist for helping her get even blonder. We gotta say, we love the sisterly devotion and the honey-colored locks on Khloe.

Who wore blonde hair better? Kim or Khloe?


Image via Instagram

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