'DWTS' Derek Hough & Mark Ballas Living Together So They Must Be Gay​

Mark Ballas & Derek HoughIt may not be the most conventional of living arrangements, but Dancing With the Stars pros Derek Hough and Mark Ballas just bought a $1.25 million house together in the Hollywood Hills.

And you know what happened as a result, right? Duh. People automatically jumped to the conclusion that Derek and Mark are gay and dating each other -- which is the only feasible reason they'd choose to go in on a property together.

Ok, so I get that it's a little bit odd for two dudes who are in their late 20s to enter into such a permanent living situation if there is nothing romantic going on between them -- but still. Should we really automatically assume they're in some sort of relationship?


I'm not so sure. Actually, the idea of them buying a home together makes total sense.

First of all, at least when DWTS is filming, Derek and Mark are rarely home. They're in the studio for like 10 hours a day rehearsing, and then there are the set rehearsals and of course the live shows. It seems kind of dumb for either of them to shell out a ton of cash for a place they barely live in, so they might as well share, right?

And another thing -- since they are both still (fairly) young and single, there's no reason either of them should have to carry the financial burden of a mortgage on their own. At least this way, they've made a good investment that's still manageable, given their current lifestyle.

Of course, if either one of them does wind up in a serious relationship in the next year or so, things could get pretty interesting and potentially complicated too. What if one of them wants to sell and the other doesn't? Or what if one of them has a girlfriend move in -- and then they're all shacking up in there like Three's Company? (Even though that was two chicks and one dude.)

Hopefully Derek and Mark have at least thought this decision through. It would be a real shame if living together winds up driving a wedge between them.

Would you ever buy a home with a friend?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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