Kate Middleton Arrives Looking Fresh in St. Lucia!

Kate MiddletonLove it. Have you seen these photos of Kate Middleton and Prince George making their final connection en route to Mustique? It must run in the genes because both the Duchess and the Prince look fresh as a daisy in spite of all their time traveling both by land and by air. Seriously, look at Kate, even dressed all casual-cool for travel, she looks better than most of us do going to work each day. 


This was baby's first flight too, don't forget! And if Kate's relaxed attitude is any indication, it was an easy one. She dressed the little guy in an adorable floppy blue hat, which OF COURSE coordinates with Kate's own casual denim and striped top. Both of them are taking excellent care not to be eaten up by the sun -- she's got her sunglasses ready to go and his little ol' hat is providing much needed coverage. Here's hoping that he keeps behaving so well and that Kate can enjoy her vacation! 

How do you think Kate is spending her vacation?


Image via Instagram

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