Kim Kardashian's Sexy New Workout Is Sinfully Scandalous

Kim Kardashian OMG, Kim Kardashian has officially brought sexy back. First up she shared that old-school pic of herself nude but for a jacket, and now she's revealing a whole lot more. Recently, Kim shared pictures of her fishnet-clad gams. Her newest favorite look for leg-wear? Not exactly. Kim was wearing the spicy tights as part of a very special (and very sexy) workout. Kim has taken up pole-dancing classes. But don't worry, she's not going it alone, her new bestie Blac Chyna was there. Not to mention Kris Jenner. Oh Lord, Kris, back away from the pole! 


Ain't no shame in the pole-dancing game! I mean, there might be for some of us common folks, but not for Kim Kardashian. We know she's been upping her workout game since North's birth, eager to get her pre-baby body back. Trying out a new exercise routine to keep herself from getting bored makes sense to us. Plus, we fully support any "exercise" that involves wearing Lucite heels and twirling while dollars bills are rained down upon us. 

Do you think this sounds like innocent fun or is Kim just trying to get more attention?


Image via Instagram 

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