Kim Kardashian Dishes About More Babies With Kanye

kim KardashianThe heart wants what it wants. And Kim Kardashian's heart wants more kids with future hubby Kanye West. How many bundles of joy is she planning? How does five sound to you? That's right, Mama Kardashian-West has plans for FIVE more kids with Kanye! I mean, five more adorable little mini-Kims or mini-Kanyes? That sounds pretty cute. But six kids running around? So much work! And since Kanye's not helping with diapers, we're wondering if Kim has thought this through at all.


It's a little surprising to hear Kim waxing rhapsodic about adding more kids to her brood, especially with how open she's been about how difficult her pregnancy was with North. Still, if the woman wants more chickadees in the nest, power to her. But maybe they should also invest in a team of roughly 80 baby nurses? Who would later on get their own reality show? Called something like Babying Kardashian or West-ward, Ho! I'm open to suggestions, just spit-balling here.

Do you think six kids are realistic for Kim?


Image via Instagram

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