Selena Gomez Shares Sexy Video to Distract Us From Her Rehab Scandal

Selena Gomez rehabAs if it wasn't shocking enough that Selena Gomez checked herself into rehab to "better herself" this past month, now we're hearing from Justin Bieber that she lied about her reasoning. Apparently, she's "heavy into booze" which is the actual reason she was seeking help. Between all of this he-said, she-said drama ... it's time to do some damage control.

And that's exactly what SelGom did. The pop star took to her Instagram page and shared a very sexy video of herself with two back-up dancers -- and damn, does she know how to move!

Check out the video here:


 It's funny that she'd post a video like this right off the heels of her rehab scandal. Something tells me this wasn't an accident. It seems like a very calculated move. Kudos to her publicist, but I'm not quite sure this will work.

Do you think she posted this sexy video on purpose? 

Image via SelenaGomez/Instagram

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