Miley Cyrus Gets Naked Again Because Apparently We Haven't Had Enough

We get it, Miley Cyrus. You’re hot. But you may be taking the “if you’ve got it, flaunt it” sentiment just a little too far. And by that I mean a lot too far. For instance -- I’m pretty sure I’ve seen more of your boobs this week than my own. I can’t escape them. They’re just everywhere, lurking on every entertainment site, lying in wait for me to click so they can assault my corneas and my ego with their perkiness.

Take the March issue of Vogue Germany, for instance. The 21-year-old nudist pop star graces the cover in three different variations, all of them done up like Madonna in her heyday. She dons platinum curls, dark brows, and super red lips in all three versions of the cover. And of course she’s topless in one of them.


At least her nipple wasn’t hanging out this time, so there’s that. In fact, you could technically call this look covered up, since she’s cupping her breasts with her hands. Her hands with fingers that are tipped with pointy red nails, of course, because that’s sexy and not at all like Vanna White.

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But really Miley, haven’t you been naked enough? There’s shock value, sure, but we’ve moved beyond that, Sweetie. We’ve seen you swing naked on wrecking balls. We’ve seen countless “artsy” photo shoots that practically put your lady bits on full frontal display. We’ve seen you topless in bed with two men.

You’re done, Miley. Now go put some clothes on. You’ll still be pretty, I promise.

Are you bored with Miley's nudity yet?

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