Kristen Stewart Is Giving Robert Pattinson the Silent Treatment for an Unexpected Reason

Kristen Stewart She might be acting like she doesn't care about him, but Kristen Stewart can't stop thinking about Robert Pattinson. Oh sure, she jets off to Paris to visit with Karl Lagerfeld and leaves Rob behind, but he's never far from her thoughts. She is desperate to win him back, and now she's adopted a new plan of attack on Rob's heart -- just in time for Valentine's Day. How romantic! 


It looks like her trip to Paris without him was ACTUALLY part of her plan to win Rob back! Say what now? Kristen is playing it old school -- by which we mean classic hard to get. She has told friends that she's tired of doing all the heavy lifting, making the calls, making all the romantic gestures. She wants to see Rob pull his weight and prove he really wants her back. So she's put a kibosh on calls and texts from her end. If he wants her, he's going to have to work a little bit harder. This is a bold move, but a super risky one. Here's hoping it works and doesn't just drive Rob away forever.

Do you think Kristen's plan will work?


Image via Splash News

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