Bruce Jenner's Son Goes INSANE on Paparazzi Even Though They Have No Clue Who He Is (VIDEO)

burt jennerBruce Jenner's unfamous son, Burt Jenner, lost it on the paparazzi recently. And if you think the man was right to do so, because he's just trying to live an anonymous, quiet life, allow me to give you some background: Apparently the paps were waiting for Anne Hathaway to come out of a pet hotel, where she was boarding her dog (breaking news!), but Burt thought they were there for him, so he went ape. Thing is, the camera guys had no idea who the hell he was.

Click on the photo below to see the video on TMZ, but WARNING: LANGUAGE!!! And calm down, Burt.

TMZ - Jenner Goes Ballistic On Paparazzi -- Leave My Family the F*** Alone! [VIDEO]

Do you think Burt was out of line?


Image via TMZ

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