This Singer Is Totally Caught Between Kristen Stewart & Rob Pattinson

rob and kristen Things haven't been easy for Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart lately. He's got actresses eager to dangle off of his arm, and she's been flying off to romantic places like Paris without Rob by her side. We know that Rob and Kristen care about each other deeply, but their road to romance hasn't been easy for a while now -- and it's starting to affect not just them, but all of their friends, too


Up and coming pop-star Ellie Goulding has been friends with both Rob and Kristen since the start of Twilight. One of her songs was featured on the soundtrack for the movie, which led to all three meeting and becoming really good friends. But with Rob and Kristen once again at odds, Ellie feels caught in the middle.

She's very good buddies with them both and would love nothing more than for them to come out and support her at Coachella this year. But she's worried that because of their ongoing (and verging on the ridiculous) drama, neither one will show. It's hard to choose sides when two of your friends who are dating break up, but sometimes it can be even harder not to -- and Ellie is proof!

Do you think Ellie made the right choice to not choose between her friends?


Image via Splash News

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