Kristen Stewart's Gross Habit Caught By Cameras!

Kristen Stewart Can we discuss Kristen Stewart's deep and abiding love for her black beanie? She hearts it. She hearts it so much. She hearts it with all of her heart. How do we know this? She wore it three days in a row. It definitely smells like her hair now, so I hope she doesn't lose it and then have some stalker pick it up because that would totally make their day. Their creepy, creepy day.

But why the one hat? It isn't like Kristen is cheap. After all, she's been photographed wearing the cap while carrying not one, but TWO different Chanel bags. 


So the repeat-hat-wearing isn't because she's hesitant to spend dollars on caps. She's probably just super-partial to the hat in question. It may look like an unremarkable, soggy, diseased pancake to us, but that doesn't preclude Kristen's enjoyment of said head-wear. Still, you'd think that if you knew you were getting your photo taken regularly, you'd learn to find other hats you loved. Kristen, please find a fedora to start wearing. I know you'd look amaze-balls in one. 

How often do you wash your favorite item of clothing? I can't even tell you how long I've gone or you will call the clean police.


Image via Splash News

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