Kim Kardashian Sang on 'Jay Leno' & Her Voice Was, Um ... (VIDEO)

kim kardashianIf anyone was up late enough, or cared enough, to watch Jay Leno's Tonight Show farewell, they were treated to the vocal stylings of Kim Kardashian. Yes, Kim Kardashian sang on the Tonight Show on Thursday night. How did she sound? Ehhhhhh best just see for yourself.

Check it out:

Okay, so she didn't really sing as much as she talked in sort of a sing-songy voice, but you gotta give the girl credit: That takes balls to get up there and do that. Sure, Kim loves the spotlight, but I'm sure she knew she'd get laughed at for that.

Nice job, Kim. I wouldn't quit your day job as a ... what is it you do? But you got up there and you gave it a shot. That's more than we can say for most, baby girl.

What do you think of Kim's voice?


Image via NBC

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