The Security Flub That Put Kate Middleton & Prince George in Danger

Kate MiddletonWhen Kate Middleton and precious baby Prince George went on vacation ("holiday" if we're insisting on being anglophiles) to the Caribbean last week, the only thing they should have had to worry about was having too much fun and potentially running out of sunscreen. But a blunder on the part of one of the members of their security team is getting press today. Could their rookie mistake have put Kate and the Prince-ling in danger?


In order to get to their final destination, Kate, the Prince, and her entourage had to make a couple of different connecting flights (even royals can't travel with total ease, it seems). It was when her team moved from a public plane to a smaller, private jet that things got scary. A member of the security staff left an official private folder full of documents behind!

Luckily a member of the crew had no issue dashing after them to make sure it was in the right hands. The palace is saying there was nothing confidential in the file -- but isn't that exactly what you WOULD say if information that put Kate at risk was lost? You wouldn't want people knowing what they had on their hands. If security is going to be sloppy here, who knows what other mistakes they might make! I shudder to think. Thank goodness nothing happened.

Do you think this was a rookie mistake, or should the staffer be fired?


Image via Splash News

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