Kristen Stewart's New Indie Flick Coming Soon to a Theater Near You (VIDEO)

Kristen StewartRobert Pattinson's next chapter in Hollywood is already well underway. He's very busy reinventing himself, in films like the upcoming The Rover. Kristen Stewart's journey -- while equally exciting -- has been a fair bit bumpier. But all is not lost! Her indie movie Camp X-Ray got a distribution deal at Sundance! Whoo hoo! Chance to see Kristen in military fatigues! #bizarre.


The story sounds like an intense one. Kristen plays a guard minding a detainee, and we're sure it carries all the pathos that comes along with that. Sounds serious -- but we're sure she's up for the task! It's apparently gotten mixed reviews, but that's just another sign that Kristen's on the right track, taking truly bold risks. We can't wait until it makes it to theaters.

Are you going to see Camp X-Ray?


Image via Hollywood Gossips/YouTube

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