Kim Kardashian Shares a Nearly Naked Pic From Her Past (PHOTO)

kim kardashianKim Kardashian is getting back to basics with this photograph she shared on Throwback Thursday. It's clear that Kim is pining for days of yore. You know, yore -- when it was totally acceptable for her to lounge about topless but for a leather jacket whilst being made up for a calendar shoot. Ah Kim. The more things change, verily, the more they stay the same.


In this picture from a bygone era, Kim is letting it all hang out. We know she's not afraid to prove that less is more, but this photo reminds us just how much more conservative she's become as time has passed. Sure, she's still a smoking hot glamour queen, but it's like she's grown into her body and her looks and now doesn't feel like she has to prove her hotness to anymore. That said, look at her -- all rockin' side boob before it was socially acceptable and/or trendy to do so. Damn, girl!

Do you miss old-school Kim, or do you like modern-day Kim more?


Image via Instagram

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