Kim Kardashian Bares Super Flat Tummy, But WHAT Is She Wearing?! (PHOTO)

kim kardashianWhile lunching with her mom and sister recently, Kim Kardashian bared her post-baby belly. And, as you may suspect, it looked awesome. Never in all my years of perusing celebrity gossip sites has a midriff delighted so much. Okay, I'm exaggerating, but Kim looked great. Well, somewhat great. Belly-baring aside, what the hell was she wearing?! It looks like she has on cropped leggings, a crop top, heels, and a trench coat. I don't claim to be the most stylish lady on the block, but in what world is this considered fashionable?!

Kim, I don't always agree with your outfits, but you usually always look put together. This right here? It looks gym chic. And gym chic is a look pretty much nobody can pull off. Except Kate Middleton.

What do you think of Kim's outfit?


Image via Splash News

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