Kylie Jenner's New 'Best Friend' Could Get Her Arrested

Lil Za Kris Jenner won't like this one bit. Photos have emerged of Kylie Jenner chillin' out (and presumably maxin' and relaxin') with Justin Bieber's troubled bestie Lil Za (a compilation of words that really just sounds like noises to me) at Casa de Bieber. You know, the same Lil Za charged with three felonies. Hanging out at the house where Bieber kept his mammoth weed stash. She might seem older, but let's not forget -- girlfriend is 16! Kylie! Get outta there! Stay in school and out of jail!


Who'da thunk that the littlest Jenner would be the one getting into all these hi-jinks? Lil Za claims that the two aren't dating. Instead he posted photos of himself and Kylie and captioned her as his "best friend." Suuuuuuure. Uh, Kylie? We're sure Mr. Za is a fine gentleman, but in addition to his arrest record, he's also 20. Maybe make a new best friend? What about Selena Gomez? I feel you two would be good for each other.

Do you think Kylie's headed down a bad path?


Image via Instagram

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